Only the best is acceptable for our Clients, who enjoy the range and quality of this most comprehensive and innovative approach to Private Banking, Discretionary Asset Management and Global Financial Planning.-----  SIMPLY THE BEST
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The high net worth individual, whether a successful business owner or high flying executive, is strongly focused on mainstream business activities with little opportunity to efficiently manage financial reserves and personal assets.

Platinum Financial Planners Co. Ltd. solves this problem with its sophisticated wealth management service and global financial strategies that totally focus on the Client’s needs and personal expectations.


Platinum Financial Planners Co. Ltd. selects the best financial programmes, product and financial services from the global range of private banking, investment management and other relevant mainstream and boutique financial institutions.

Platinum Financial Planners Co. Ltd. is a director-owned, private company, and not part of any financial grouping or conglomerate.

It therefore has no in-house business quotas and targets placed upon it to cross-sell products and services between divisions as many traditional banking, insurance and investment groups are required to do when dealing with high value clients. All recommendations are totally merit-based.

Platinum Financial Planners Co. Ltd. is fully independent, working exclusively in its Client’s personal financial Interest.

No ties
No dependencies
No conflicts of interest
No corporate compromises

The aim is straightforward. To select the best strategies and arrangements for our Clients, brokered across the entire range of relevant product and service providers in the global market “without fear or favour”.


  • Full definition of personal financial objectives of the Client leading to the selection of fully personalized long-term financial strategies.

  • In-depth analysis of existing global banking arrangements, asset and monetary holdings, and trust and corporate structures.

  • Resolution of all multi-national taxation issues, emphasis on major tax havens.

  • Trust-based estate-planning service for tax-efficient wealth transfer to future generations and other beneficiaries of the Client’s choice.

  • Optimum long-term investment strategies including agreed performance benchmarks and risk control procedures.

  • Complete range of school and university fees planning options.

  • International property finance and mortgage service.

  • Full mediation with major institutions and professional firms on banking, investment, insurance, accountancy, legal and trustee services and all other related financial services on behalf of the Client.

  • Sophisticated software systems for the management and valuation of the Client’s total aggregated investment holdings.

  • Highly competitive and transparent fee agreements for the Client’s Elite Wealth Management Strategies.


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